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The Journey of Living Life Lean

First of all I want to thank all of you who responded to the message sent out yesterday. Even though it was “direct” I’m glad that it was able to reach many of you. But I was thinking about it and I realize there is also another component at play here…

And that’s celebrating your victories.

All of them; even the smallest ones. (ESPECIALLY the small ones) See, the most exciting part of living life lean isn’t how you look or feel. It’s you become in the process. It’s who you are. You let everyone who you come in contact with (including yourself) know that you you don’t settle. You are an action taker. You have a high SELF-worth. You are valuable. You have are strong; inside and out.

Living life lean is journey not a destination.

You never “get it.” You become it. You live it. And on the journey to this lifestyle you celebrate everything that brings you closer to that goal. You honor yourself. You celebrate the small victories. You take your progress VERY seriously. You care about how you look and feel more than most people ever will. You’re hard on yourself and you have high standards. But you also LOVE yourself. And when you make even small progress you get really excited. And lastly, don’t be intimidated by your ultimate vision of yourself. Stop worrying about the details of how it’s gonna come to fruition. *You don’t have to get it right. You just have to get it going.*

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