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Journaling: An A+ Tip on Staying Productive in a Distraction Filled World

In today’s technological world, there are so many distractions that keep us from concentrating on our success such as social media, entertainment, news, and the ease of interaction of these and other subjects. We have smart phones that can do anything. Media can find us wherever we are at almost any time they would like. These issues can very easily draw us away from our businesses and our goals in our careers and our day to day lives even.

What is one way that an individual can stay productive and on task day in and day out if followed with precision?

The simple activity of journaling can bring us, step by step, to success.

The first step to journaling is to create a short and long term goal that you can see using either a pen and notebook or a computer program such as Microsoft Word. Write down 3-5 actions that will lead you closer to your goal. These 3-5 actions need to be activities that can be weighed as effective in reaching your goals; short and long term. When you do this before you day ends each and every day, your mind will unconsciously think upon these actions throughout your night’s sleep and into the next day. Concentrate on these tasks throughout your day and when they are completed, simply check them off.

At the end of each day, take 30 minutes to reflect upon your days accomplishments and create an entry in your journal on how the accomplishments made you feel, how these accomplishments brought you closer to your goals, what you learned through accomplishing these action items, and your personal thoughts that you had throughout the day. Before ending your personal journaling session, write 3-5 more action items that you plan on accomplishing the following day.

If there was anything that didn’t get accomplished as you had in your mind or something that you thought you should go more in depth with, these action items need to be on the top of your following days list.

As well as your personal journaling sessions, create a separate page for your “to do list.” As you go throughout your day and your daily journaling sessions, there will be ideas that you will have on action items that you need to work on as well as action items that you would like to work on. To keep from losing these thoughts, write them on your “to do list.” As your “to do list” continues to grow, refer to this list in creating a day’s action items.

When done consistently, a journal will guide you to success in steps that you can clearly refer back to and see. You can watch your success transpire right in front of your eyes when you have tangible evidence that you can look at.

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