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How to Use the Power of Momentum to Pursue Your Career and Business Dream?

How to Use the Power of Momentum to Pursue Your Career and Business Dream?

April 2012 is slowly but surely have rolled near the end. It was time for us to evaluate our journey in reaching our resolution and dreams that we set in the early new year.

Where are we in the pursuit of our dreams in this year?

What would your life to be at the end of the year when we still do what we do now?

Whether we will achieve the goals that we set at the beginning of this year, or whether our goals remain just a mere dream?

How often do we make resolutions to achieve a dream at the beginning of the year, but ended up just being a dream and just a euphoric moment only?

Like most people, once I often get stuck on the phenomenon of dreams in broad daylight. Resolution just becomes a mere resolution, over the years, my life just spinning in the same place.

One of the most challenging in the process of achieving the dream is what makes us want to get started.

Many of us have goals and dreams, and then constantly struggling to find information, make a plan, which eventually led to never take action on the plan.

Make plans for your dream might make you feel has done something for your dreams. However, until you execute the plan into action and you learn from the results/ feedback you get from the action, you will never be able to move forward close to your dreams, and you will never be able to achieve it.

My question is when you have gathered your courage and you make the decision to act, is it guaranteed that you surely achieve all of your dreams?

NO! At first, you’ll realize that everything was harder and more complicated than you think, right?

Seems like you are running with no rhythm and climb the mountain with panting, you will face challenges, lack of capital, lack of expertise, lack of skills, the face of setbacks, delays, fear, worry, and slowly but surely you begin to lose confidence and your belief in your dream.

In difficult times like these, many people eventually give up and put her dreams on the dream box in broad daylight. They finally put aside his dream and return to the comfort zone.

Worse yet, they finally decided to live on average life only, and no longer have the confidence to be successful in pursuing his dream. They decided to adopt the belief that they are not feasible, can not, can not afford to be more successful in their lives.

Have you ever experienced it by yourself?

Don’t worry, many people experience it. Even I experienced it.

Long before I build my businesses, became a property investor, build a franchising management company, became a public speaker and personal coach to hundreds of business owners and corporate executives, I am a very insecure, shy and stuttering. I started my journey from a small village in Central Java – Indonesia.

So the above scenario is not the end of your journey if you really want to commit. You can take back your dreams that you have set aside, and start over from scratch and begin to understand what I will share to you in this article.

As you can see and understand that all the difficulties above is a natural phase that we have to face in pursuit of our dreams. It will continue with different level of difficulty in our next phase in life.

You will re-experience your next challenges even if you have successfully overcome the challenges you face now. Because of any expertise, skills, habits, attitudes and networks that have brought you to achieve your current level of life, will NEVER be able to bring you to the next level of your life! We always need new expertise, skills, habits, attitudes, and network.

Many people stopped in the early phase when subjected to challenge in the pursuit of their dreams, because they think that it will always look so heavy, oppressive, and scary.

What they do not realize is that if they want to learn from any feedback / results they get from their previous actions, they can make changes in strategy and take new actions.

So we are not only persistent in doing the same actions time by time, especially if our action do not provide results that lead us to our dreams, but we become a person who remained persistent in acting and intelligently change the strategy of our action.

As in the training that I conducted for one of the largest insurance companies in Indonesia.

I found that their member have great spirit and morale, they have a great culture to not give up before they were turned down as much as 10,000 times.

My question, are you prepared and mentally strong if you were rejected for 10,000 times in each step we take?

I don’t think so. In fact, I personally do not want to be rejected as much as 10,000 times for one of my action. It would be better if after you are rejected for 2000 times, stop to think and learning from the result.

Consider the feedback you get, and change your strategy.

Improve your sales presentation, change your target customers, improve the way you communicate, change your appearance, change attitudes and habits, etc..

By working smarter and remain persistent, you will not experience rejection 10,000 times without learning something from that.

By doing this, every step you take in the future will become more easier and easier, because you will become a different person every time you learn from any feedback you get from your previous actions. The level of knowledge, skills, attitudes, habits, and even your network will change gradually.

The “muscles” of your mind will become stronger, you will psychologically well-trained and you become more and more powerful to bear a heavier load.

Is this also happen in our physical muscles, right? The more we practice, it will become stronger and more able to bear a heavier load.

Finally, just as we try to push a broken down car. It would be hard at first, but after the car is rolling, the power of momentum will take over and we will feel easier.

Suddenly we realize that we do not have to push it too strong to roll forward again, everything was light and fun.

This experience will apply in your life too! All you need to do is keep moving forward.

Even if you can not stand up with your feet, get up with your knees and your hands and crawl! Keep moving to your dreams and be commit to never give up! Natural forces, the momentum of motion will help you to roll.

It has become the law of nature that everything always has its preparatory period.

We need a minimum of 7 months in our mother’s womb in order to be born with a well prepared and able to survive. All the seeds we plant always need preparation time to be able to grow properly. Time of preparation is the key.

What do you do in your preparation period with all the challenges you face? Do you give up or do you learn from it?

If you want to speed up the process, here’s my message: work with 100% of your hearts, minds, resources and effort. Work harder, faster, and take a bigger step at a time. Remember to stop and learn from any feedback you get.

Another reason why many people do not succeed in pursuing their dreams is they are afraid and do not want to give 100% of himself/ herself to pursue his dream. They hold the energy, resources, their efforts in pursuit of their dreams.

Maybe they do not realize it, but they feel that they are more comfortable working slowly, avoiding the risk, and return to their comfort zone. Many business owners I’ve met even said that they were “trying” to do business and as a part time activity. When you “trying” do business and as a “part time”, the result will always be just “try and small” because you do not put 100% heart, mind, and your effort in it.

If you want to make real progress in your life, commit to take greater steps, giving 100% energy and 100% focus on your dreams. By doing this, you will push yourself to start to take action and find yourself sailing across the sea and challenged every waves, storms that confront you in pursuing your dreams.

Let’s start to take action and learn from feedback in your life!

You’re unstoppable always!

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