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Gaining Back Lost Confidence

Gaining back is repossessing something that already belongs to you and was taken away from you by somebody or through circumstance. It may be wealth, trust, confidence, faith among others. One example is gaining back trust from parents who had lost it from you after you did something they did not approve.

Trust is the essential part in any relationship. It takes time to regain it. Trust cannot be taken for granted or misused. When a relationship breaks due to lack of trust, the involved parties should involve a specialist to reconcile them. It is gained through one believing that whatever his or her partner does is right. Having a little bit of doubt marks the beginning of mistrust. One should therefore have enough appreciation and understanding towards what his or her partner does.

Confidence on the other hand is something that ought to be treasured. It is gained through small experiences in life. Many people especially the youth fear and are unable to talk in public just because of lack of confidence. This is mainly because they have feeling of failure, which hit their confidence levels. Confidence is something that one is not born with and thus, one should work towards gaining it.

The following measures should ensure that one gain back confidence after losing it.

1. Consider points in your life where you found out that you do not have confidence and write down. After writing them down, try to work on them to improve the confidence levels.

2. Do an examination of your confidence. Being honest ensures that one stand by his or her points and is confidence enough to prove and defend them. Lies and dishonesty makes ones conscience judge him or her thus low level of confidence in oneself.

3. Ensure that you associate yourself with good and positive people. These make one to appreciate their nature and character thus building confidence to them. For instance, dealing with professionals makes one view himself or herself as a profession thus gaining professional confidence.

4. Volunteer your time to do something that builds your confidence e.g. volunteering to counsel young people on the effects of drug abuse. This builds your confidence in addressing the public.

5. Seek advice and guidance from professional and qualified people. They give one enough information on how to improve their confidence levels.

6. You should set realistic goals that are achievable. This makes one confident that he or she will accomplish them.

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