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EFT for True Ataraxia

EFT is a humbly-named procedure, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques. Previously, people throughout the ages have meditated or medicated, ranging from Zen to contraband.

EFT is increasingly found by many to be the route to ataraxia. Today’s zeitgeist embraces the praxis of a brave front and shutting down your negative thoughts. Today’s bliss-seeker attends NLP seminars and does meditation or Yoga. However, the human mind, if left to develop without pain, veers towards bliss. Very much in the way that our bodies tend towards health in the absence of injury and pathogens. The future age is that of true spirituality and pureness of thought. And most of us are born capable of this. We can be naturally blissful by being totally free from emotional pain.

You may well question whether these words are mantic or based on extrapolation of fact. After all, much has been predicted for modern times that has simply not materialized. For example, improved health for humankind has been predicted by many. However, some would argue that we simply live for longer. And life per se is surely not the same thing as a good life? It is like comparing survival with bliss. There is a real difference.

The history of EFT involves serendipity and development. Some Chinese person thousands of years ago found that when you puncture a certain point on the body, something good happens. Maybe it reduced leg pain or improved stomach function. This was further developed through the ages into acupuncture and then acupressure. Eventually, this was developed into a system now called Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT for short.

There are some doctors who support the theory that most disease can be prevented by the regular use of an emotional release method like EFT. With diseases like heart disease still threatening us all, it is very tempting to try a new way with impressive testimonials. After all, the efforts of western medicine are increasingly thought of as a lick and a promise rather than a real long-term solution. So is EFT lunacy or new medicine for your semilunar valves?

Naturally, if you think that a little EFT is going to bring back the dead, then this is nothing short of lunacy. However, let us take the heart disease example. It is a scientifically-proven fact that obesity is a major factor in heart disease. So what if we could find a way to eat healthily and be blissfully happy doing it?

I have witnessed many people do EFT for food emotions their perception of that food changed. What was sapid could become bland or vice versa. And with a healthier diet, we are less likely to develop heart disease. A small slice of halva may be preferred to a big slice of cake. Or it may well be that a carrot or steak is preferred. It is a very individual thing, as our bodies are different. And our needs are different at different times. However, this procedure has to be experienced to be believed. It is generally unheard of that you can have calm joy instead of will power.

Can you imagine how good it would be if EFT were applied in the same way with every physical and emotional condition?

There are some avid emotional freedom technicians that do EFT every single day, keeping their minds and body free. There is a wonderful state achieved when one has had a good EFT session. For a regular EFTer, this is a true state of bliss and is achieved regularly throughout the day.

Bliss is yours and mine to have. Enjoy it.

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